The Race

The Solar Car Challenge was established in 1993 to help motivate students in science and engineering, and to increase alternative energy awareness. The Challenge teaches high school students around the world how to build roadworthy solar cars.

The Solar Education Program provides a safe environment for teams to display their solar cars. On alternating years, we share the fun of the world-famous Texas Motor Speedway or drive cross-country to share their projects with millions of people.

The 2015 Solar Car Challenge hosted by Earth Day Texas is a closed-track event held at the world famous Texas Motor Speedway. Come share the fun... meet the kids and see their solar cars. For more information, see the

Please visit the race Calender for more details on the race schedule.


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  5. Hello,
    The Solar Car challenge is very interesting and very famous. The students are participate in this challenges for growing their future. Its a great opportunity to show talent.