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This is our first step to getting started! We have to hit the drawing board and think up the plans for our solar car this year. It may not be the fun part, but it's crucial to our success. This is where we plan for what is needed ahead. Many ideas seem to work, but not all of them actually do.

After designing the solar car, we get down and dirty. We weld together our frame, cut excess pieces off, and paint the metal to seal it. Electronics is a whole different story. We attempt to do our best and make the best with what we have available.


We design and build our car with the intent to race! We put a lot of effort into the development of an amazing vehicle and make sure that it can take on every challenge that the race will bring its way.

We race in the Winston Solar Car Challenge.






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Ben Barber Career Tech

1120 West Debbie Lane

Mansfield, TX 76063

Phone: 817.299.1900


Robert Goodson

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